When pests invade your home, and they will, you might find yourself conducting a google search or asking friends and family for a recommendation to an honest and trustworthy pest control or wildlife company.  Regardless of which companies make your short list, here are three “must-ask” questions for your potential service provider:

1. Is your company and employees licensed and insured?

To level the playing field and narrow down your short list, ask if the pest control company and its employees are licensed and insured. If not, cross the referral off your list. The pest control and wildlife industries build their business on trust and credibility. You will want to know that your home, belongings, and heath are protected should something go unplanned.

2. Do you guarantee customer satisfaction with your pest control services?

The experience you receive from your pest management or wildlife professional is critical to repeat business and referrals. Therefore, you want to select a company that understands the value of customer satisfaction and is willing to deliver on any promised made. Before you sign a contract, make sure you know the company’s protocol and channels for delivering a stellar customer service experience.

3. Do you use pesticides, chemicals, or processes that are approved safe for use around my family, pets, and the environment?

Green is an common buzz word in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, the regulations and guidelines regarding green marketing are not as strict as one might imagine. Many companies, however, understand the importance of offering green solutions and take great precaution to provide services that are approved for use around humans and pets. The pest control and wildlife industries have made great strides under the direction of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use formulations that respect the planet and follow current integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask – your health and that of your loved ones is to valuable.

In the end, pest management professionals understand that many pest control services can be a “do-it-yourself” project for homeowners. It is always wiser, however, to allow professionals who understand the science and bring years of proven experience provide the service to insure that the best possible solution for your pest problem is put into play. Only then can your comfort level be fully restored.

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