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The TAP Member Site at www.TAPinsulation.com is your one-stop resource when offering TAP Pest Control Insulation including training videos, product literature, marketing samples and downloads, the TAP online training portal and certification program, and much more. We have updated the dashboard to provide a better user experience and to help you quickly find exactly what you need. Here are some highlights:

1. New Online Training Portal and TAP Certification: The TAP online training portal has been revamped to align with the on-sight TAP Sales Training program and to better prepare you to successfully pass and earn your TAP Certification. Broken down into nine short modules that include a video and a short questionnaire, modules can be viewed one after another or at watched individually at your convenience. Once the nine modules are complete, you will be ready to take the graded TAP Certification Exam. Once passed, you will receive a certificate and patch to provide you a competitive edge in the market(s) in which you serve.

2. Sales & Marketing Claims Guidelines: The TAP Sales & Marketing Claims Guidelines is a document to help you determine what claims can and can’t be  said about your TAP service offering. Use this resource to protect your license and your company from making false pesticide claims. The document can be viewed and downloaded under the Marketing tab of the TAP Member Site.

3. Energy Star Mark and Usage Guide: The Energy Star Mark enables your clients to qualify for any available local, state, or federal rebates for energy efficiency upgrades when installing TAP Pest Control Insulation. This is a unique selling point to help you increase your sales. Before you use the Energy Star mark in your marketing, please review the Energy Star Mark and Usage Guide under the Marketing Tab of the TAP Member Site.

4. The TAP Attic Card (Warranty): As a provider of TAP Pest Control Insulation, you are responsible for providing a copy of the TAP Attic Card (Warranty) to the homeowner upon completion of each TAP service. We recommend stapling a completed copy just inside the attic easily accessible in the future and hand a second completed copy to the homeowner for their personal records. Remember, the TAP warranty is transferable when the home is sold to a new homeowner. Review and download the TAP Attic Card (Warranty) under the Product Literature tab on the TAP Member Site.

5. The TAP Bag Calculator: The TAP R-Value and Bag Calculator is a great tool that will instantly calculate the current R-Value, number of inches to be installed, and number of bags needed for the job based on square footage and current insulation. We recommend keeping it bookmarked on your mobile device so you can provide accurate estimates to your customers when on-site. You can check it out here.

Need Member Site Access or forgot your password? Contact us at Marketing@TAPinsulation.com today and include your: name, title, company, branch #/location, email address, and zip code.

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