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In an effort to provide greater options to our providers, TAP® Pest Control Insulation is now available to order online at HomeDepot.com. This solution provides the opportunity to order multiple quantities with several distribution options:

  • Deliver to the job site
  • Deliver to your office
  • Deliver to your local Home Depot store for pick up on your terms

Yes, you can still order OrkinTherm Pro Insulation from us as you normally would. The HomeDepot.com opportunity is simply a new distribution method that provides additional delivery methods and, in some areas of the country, cost savings for our providers.


If you experience equipment issues, keep in mind that most Home Depot stores also offer rental programs for their insulation blowers and vacuums allowing you the opportunity to complete your scheduled job while getting your equipment serviced.

If you don’t currently own your own equipment, PCI recommends purchasing an insulation blower and vacuum once you are confidently selling and scheduling 4 to 6 OrkinTherm Pro Insulation jobs each month.

The Home Depot opportunity is another way to provide world-class service and convenience to providers of OrkinTherm Pro & TAP® Pest Control Insulation.


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