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The TAP® Hatchmaster (Attic Stairway Cover)

Complement your existing TAP® Pest Control Insulation service with an additional add-on service. Introducing the new TAP® Hatchmaster attic stairway cover. The TAP® Hatchmaster reduces heat transfer by convection and the high reflectivity and low emissivity of the product’s layers reflect away up to 96% of radiant heat while creating a 12″ dead air space adding an r-value of 1.2 per inch. The TAP® Hatchmaster fits all attic entry sizes including scuttle holes, installs in under five minutes, generates more than $100.00 in profit per install, and comes with FREE Shipping when purchased by the case.

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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Boot/Shoe Covers

Looking for an inexpensive way to protect your clients’ homes while completing a TAP® Pest Control Insulation service? Look no further than our TAP® shoe/boot covers. Quickly slip your work boot or shoe into the cover while the elastic band adheres to the top of the foot.

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