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Dear TAP® Provider;

During a recent hike in the Northeast Georgia mountains with my family, we were casually chatting about the change of season that is on the horizon. In addition to the normal foliage color reveal and the transition to cooler temperatures that add some pep in our step, Autumn is a beautiful season. It is also a wonderful time to realign goals to ensure the path we walk will lead to success.

The key to a good hike is taking time to enjoy the experience of the journey. As I look back on the 19-year journey serving the pest control industry, the word ‘trust’ comes to mind. Trust, as you know, is a critical component to the success of our business. Therefore, it helps with the retention of happy customers. You work diligently to build, earn, and maintain that trust. 

Trust, as you know, is a critical component to the success of our business.”

We are grateful that you have placed your trust in us to deliver high-quality innovative pest management solutions to help grow your business. We value your trust. Because of this, we are constantly working to improve our service delivery. In short, we want to demonstrate how much we value your trust. We are excited to partner with you for the upcoming TAP® Pest Control Insulation season.

Please take a moment to review the contents enclosed in this update as you prepare for another profitable season for your company. We look forward to helping you find greater success along your TAP® Pest Control Insulation journey. 

Warmest Regards, 

Signature - Bill Turk

Bill Turk


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