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Acoustical Benefits of T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation

Girl jumping on the bedTAP Pest Control Insulation works extremely well at reducing the amount of sound that flows through the ceiling of your home.  Many of the properties of TAP Pest Control Insulation that provide the thermal benefits also contribute to the acoustical benefits.

Just like it is easier for heat to flow through solid materials, it is also easier for sound to flow through solid materials.  The small air pockets created by the interconnection of the paper fibers in TAP Pest Control Insulation, reduce the amount of sound transmitted from fiber to fiber. Sound is ultimately reduced through the section of the ceiling where TAP Pest Control Insulation is installed. When TAP Pest Control Insulation is installed at a level of R-60 across your entire attic (see Thermal Benefits), the transmission of typical outdoor noises is almost completely eliminated.

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