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Even when closed, the attic hatch or pull-down stairway entry point is often the largest hole in the attic having the potential to allow tremendous amount of air to escape. This one area has a significant impact on the homes annual heating and cooling costs. The TAP® Hatchmaster stair or scuttle hole cover resolves the issue by minimizing air leakage into the home and enhancing the home’s thermal envelope.

Tools required:

TAP® Hatchmaster Installation Instructions

  1. Place the insulator into the hatch or stairway opening with the lower part of the insulator facing the front of the stairs. Be sure not to snag the insulator on the ladder springs. Leave the insulator zipped closed until you are finished stapling. You will staple through the black banding at the bottom of the insulator into the sides of the 2″ x 6″ rough frame opening. The top of the black banding should be flush with the top of the 2″ x 6″ framing. You can feel the top of the framing from the inside of the insulator.
  2. Center the front of the insulator in the opening space and place a staple in the center of the insulator and 2 staples in each or the front corners pulling the insulator tight as you go.
  3. Pull the insulator tight and place a couple of staples in the back corners.
  4. Place a staple every 1 to 1.5 inches apart all the way around the black banding.
  5. NOTE: Due to variances in rough opening sizes, it may be necessary to “pleat” or “fold” the black band material at the corders to securely attach it to the framing.
  6. Unzip the insulator and check for any gaps from above. Gaps can be filled with expandable foam or caulk, or by adding additional staples to the assembly.
  7. A typical TAP® Hatchmaster install takes less than 10 minutes.

You can also watch a TAP® Hatchmaster installation below.

For details on ordering the TAP® Hatchmaster Attic Stairway Cover, click here. The TAP® Hatchmaster comes in eight (8) convenient sizes and shipping is FREE when ordered by the case.

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